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7 shots for 7 days

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This place was created to be a creative outlet, motivational tool, discussion group, and to have something nice to look at on your friends page without having to worry about hundreds of pictures posted from an open community.

The photographers here have each been assigned a day of the week. On that day, they will post one picture of their work. Comments, questions, and criticism are welcome.

Posting guidelines:
- Try to keep posted images no larger than 400px in their largest dimension.
- Links and/or lj-cuts to higher-res versions are greatly appreciated.
- Try to post by midnight on your day. If it's not up by then, I'll jump in some time after that and post something.
- If you know ahead of time that can't make your day, e-mail me ( 7shots at cybertrash.net ) as far ahead as possible and we'll get a filler in for you.

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

A small note.
Since the community operates on only 7 members at a time, you dont need to apply for membership.
To watch or comment all you have to do is add it to your friends list. Thanks.